The first time I DANCED in two years

The first time I DANCED in two years
Dancing is pretty tiring, but I'm still gonna get dressed up and try

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Shame on Michelle

Its hard enough to grow up the face of a nation, with cameras constantly in ones face. But for the daughters of Barack and Michelle Obama, lately life has a reason to be especially hard.
As we all know, Sasha and Malia, especially Malia, are entering puberty. And its sort of well, natural to pudge up some during that time, especially for women. However according to her doctor... According the the girls' own MOTHER, Michelle, the daughters were at risk of being overweight, as Michelle is quoted saying here, in this controversial article:
I was appalled. They show a picture of Malia here, and she looks thin as ever! And it would be one thing if her parents were to set their children up eating healthy at home anyway; Theres no harm in that and Mrs. Obama is a big promoter of healthy living, but to announce your child's weight on television.. in a negative light of all things... is setting them up for emotional trouble, because now everyone at their school, that boy they have a crush on.. knows they feel "fat". And they could very well develop an eating disorder!
I used to have one.. Around Malia's age. Its a tough time in life. Kids are mean! And what our President's wife said was just downright insensitive. Personally, I hope she went home and apologized, though I hope she doesnt publically as it would just draw more attention to an already likely petrified young girl.
I just really hope it doesnt mess Malia.. and Sasha even... as much as I think it may.
And as my mother said, the Obamas' need to get their daughters a new doctor because they are just damn fine. Its unhealthy to be stick thin.. there is a balance, and those girls are already pretty skinny. Theyve been skinny their whole lives and now as they get their womanly figure Mrs. Obama calls that obesity?
I call that stupidity.... ahhh.... *shakes head*.
I'm gonna end this before I say something about the president I shouldnt. Our freedom of speech is so blurred who knows what one can say anymore, and Obamas been taking away so many of our liberties, I dont know if critcizing his wife would could as a felony (haha dark humor)
Talk to you all laters!
and note****: it isnt polite to say a woman's weight hahaha
@>--->------ Jenny

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