The first time I DANCED in two years

The first time I DANCED in two years
Dancing is pretty tiring, but I'm still gonna get dressed up and try

Monday, February 22, 2010

I'm so sorry!!!

I was a lot sicker than usual this past week, even went to the hospital for a brief spell, and I didn't have a chance to blog on account of I was in a lot of pain and my body kept shutting me down, making me pass out. I'd try to fight it, but I was largely entirely unsuccessful and passed out at very awkward times, like in the middle of IMing or txting with someone, or even talking to peoples I'm pretty sure.. There was this really funny moment when I kept falling asleep in the middle of emailing a friend, and then I'd wake up and finish it, and then my internet connection would have timed out and I lost the whole thing haha. And repeated this process three or four times before I gave up. Oy vey I have that email memorized! Hahaha. I talked to the person later and told them  it all so it was ok.
Ach du liebre gott, I still hurt soo bad though. Its probably all the cold pressure. Theres been two to three feet of snow outside for a long time now, and we apparently have more on the way- My body is like a human barometer, I always say. One of our family friends who has Lyme is moving back to Taiwan where it is warmer, which is where her sister and neice (one of my best friends, she used to live here when she was a little child but when she was five she moved over to Taiwan, we've always kept in close touch) live- they actually switched homes, all those years ago, Stephanie (my friend)'s uncle moved here into her former house as he took hers. Her aunt had stayed in Taiwan with them, working and for a decade they lived apart but finally he had enough money to support  them both here and she came over. He worked for about two more years and then retired. Stephanie's aunt (Judy) spent most of her time outside in her garden, time in which she brought forth some of the most beautiful plants I have ever or tasted in my entire life! She truly has a gift there. But its probably also how she got bit, and she became infected with Lyme. Because of me and several others on the street, Tai (her husband) knew right away what to do and he took her to our doctor. We share a lot of information about what works and doesn't and I actually thought she was almost totally better. I'm sad that shes going back to Taiwan, especially for Tai. She just got her citizen ship here in the states, which shed been working towards soo hard, and Daddy pointed out that shes leaving right before its gonna get warmer here, because its almost spring! I think she may miss her sister though, and all her other family there. And there are all the hot springs in Taiwan.. apparently its a quite lovely place to be. I hope she gets better soon.
Oh my Lorddd.... The verdict just came back on the case against the police officers in New York City accused of sodomizing that poor man with a retractable nightstick and then the other two accused of covering it up, the guy had part of his INTESTINE removed!! He was so insanely injured does no one remember when he was in the hospital? Did his doctors not testify? Or was that "prejudicial"... I cant believe this I was so sure it was a slam dunk! Its so terrifying those crazies are back out on the street, and probably in full police-officer- force again now. ReDICulous. One of the police men even came forward and testified as to what he saw! But nooo, the defense convinced the jury that a group of police men were a lot more honest and believable than a former junky, juries are so prejudicial. I feel so so bad for the man who sued, he must feel absolutely terrified knowing that theyre out on the street and could very well retailiate and nothing would happen to them. Police so often get away with everything. I love reading true murder mysteries, or true crime books (Anne Rule is a great author!!) and I've read so many where the police man was the abusive husband and no one believed the woman, or he was the murderer and it took years to prove because he was thought to be like, man of the year or something. That very out spoken Reverend ahh what is his name... Hm I cant remember.. anyway he thinks the men are guilty too, and is speaking later tonight. (sorry for the brain fart, I wish I could remember his name. I know hes very Obama, which I'm sort of ehhh about but well every man (or woman) to their own oppinion)
sigh. I guess thats how it is with the policemen. There wasnt enough evidence and so they got off.. Now their guilt is a matter of oppinion. Its the DA's fault that the case went to trial, it shouldnt have. They should have gathered enough evidence. I sort of hope that man who was abused moves out of NYC. I think that would be safest for him.
My room smells so sweet. Liiike, two dozen roses :) I am letting them all dry, hanging them over the circle that supports this big mesh net that goes all over my bed and walls.. kind of engulfing me...All my yellow ones dried. For valentines day Daddy got me a dozen yellow roses cos they're my fayyvoriite, and Mommy he got six pink and six red roses, which she deeply enjoyed. Some of them dried, but I hadnt gotten to all of them until just today the last of the pinks and reds are finishing up, along with all the greenery and one of the babies' breaths. The other one dried so well. I spray them down with hairspray when I'm done, and then they drip dry, and they they stay perfect! Its amazing. I love roses so much. Especially my yellow ones hehe. I took a couple cute pictures of twiggy smelling the roses. She seems to like yellow roses best too. They all smell different, the different colors.
Hehehe Twiggy is laying in the hallway where she can keep an eye on me. I swear shes my angel! She is always monitoring me, even when I dont know it, and ready to rush in with a kiss or a snuggle at just the right moment. I especially enjoy her "are you okays" in that beautiful inquistive voice. Her voice imitates the exact ups and downs of our voices when we say to someone in a real concerned manner "ohh are you okayy??" its almost like she says it for real its incredible. When I tell her I'm fine shes instantly calmer, (I say "I'm ok, Mommy's okay, thanks hon!") Did I write about the time she was cuddling me, and she stood up at one point and I thought she was going to leave and I prayed she would stay and she instantly swung around and stared at me. And it was so powerful I just froze under those firy golden orbs. And she just leaned down and kissed my nose, and  this electricity passed between the two of us but she didnt pull back like she usually did. And then she just turned and laid back down! I was still a little shocked, and realized I was tearing up a bit. I still dont know why, I just felt this.. presence I've never felt before, or if I have I certainly dont remember it. Halfway through the night I woke up and she was staring at me, just eyes half open, resting peacefully and keeping watch on me. I hadnt moved, just opened my eyes, so I knew I had not disturbed her and that she had been watching me for a while. It makes me feel very warm inside to feel that there is someone who loves me so much.. And as my father pointed out needs me so much as well. She comes and runs and jumps in my arms and huddles there while people are vaccuuming, or if the blender is going, or something loud in general that frightens her and sends her into my arms. She rubs her face on me the whole time I hold her, and I get so happy when she goes from shivering to relaxed and purring. She is so wonderful, so amazing to me.
OK something realllly important just came in the mail, I'll tell y'll what it is laters. Thanks, sorry again about not blogging for so long =x

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