The first time I DANCED in two years

The first time I DANCED in two years
Dancing is pretty tiring, but I'm still gonna get dressed up and try

Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Perfect Union

Is the name of an add in my Herbal Magazine, from The add was just too fantastic to pass by... I've always been amazed with Herbal teas my whole life, especially the healthy, greens; the dried unfermented kind (unlike their sometimes more potent yet always unhealthier black tea cousins).
This add was essentially a compatibility chart, comparing peoples personalities to the teas that they drank. I decided to share it, it was just too delicious to pass by.
MANGO CEYLON: Those with dark inclinations and a lust for the mysterious will pair well with this aromatic cup. This perfumed, velvety brew enjoys a partner with a heavy palate, forceful nature, and determined spirit. Those with delicate constitutions need not sip this enchanted tea.
FIREFLY CHAI: This inspired amber fusion is looking for someone who soars to great heights with zeal and ambition. Someone who is daring and never misses an opportunity to acheive big dreams! If you truely believe anything is possible, this charmed cup is destined for you.
CHAMOMILE: This peaceful tea is looking for a steady partner who enjoys the delights of domestic tranquility. If you enjoy an evening of classical music amongst the sputtering flames of a fireside, than this tea would make the perfect companion.
JASMINE PEARLS: This graceful tea is best suited to those with an eye for elegance and a taste for grandeur. If your perfect day includes perusing art from the worlds finest galleries, than certainly count on this exquisite cup to be a sophisticated partner.
HIBISCUS HIGH: If you embrace your inner child with open arms and find yourself climbing trees and making cardboard forts in the backyard, this tea will be your best friend. Sunny moments of carefree merriment will surely entice this cheery cup.
( supports over 60 "extraordinary teas for your sipping delight.)
I'm fast turning into an advertisement blog it would seem though this is not at all my intent. I think I am a picky person: my ideal partner encompasses all of these personalities, and would probably enjoy all of these teas. I know I will never have the world, but I can still dream. I think theres some order to these personalities I would like "him" to possess, I mean, he would have to have lots of the personality that Hibiscus High demonstrates, and also the fine appreciation of art that Jasmine tea lovers apparently have as well. (oh and I do love Jasmine!) I love Chammomile too, I think it can heal anything .. or help anyway.. and that sort of comforting personality that a Chammomile lover possesses would be so essential to anyone who would have to deal with me since I am sick all the time and well.. Sometimes I do just really want a hug, or that fireplace and classical music--which by the way is completely reminescent to me of my Omi's house, so naturally a comforting thought for me in itself. I would rather the person have a fairly small amount of Mango Ceylon personality, I think I've had enough with men who are overly.. of that thinking and nothing else. A nice, healthy amount of passion is always wonderful, but I suppose I carry around a healthy amount of jaded-ness.
I must admit, I have never really been a terribly large fan of Chai. Which is also funny, since I am quite content to live a life of lower means as long as I am following my own passions. Money has simply... Never meant much to me. Art however has. Which I guess is really funny since I do so very much love Jasmine.
At the moment I could go for some mint or Peppermint tea: I have a fetish for jalapenos- pickled ones, raw ones, cooked ones, ones flaked into a delish peanut-sesame sauce (haha the recipe for which I JUST  emailed my mom) and my stomach is feeling a bit hot. I know we have some in the house- I'm not a terrible fan of the mint but it works.. I'm actually sort of wondering if it would enhance the feeling I already have... I like Yogi-tea's tea, they sort of have a tea for every ailment; Though their Stomach-Soothing tea does have peppermint, it also has cardamom and coriander which really do wonders as well. For some reason Doritos make me feel loads better. One of my friends downs Cheez-Its. A doctor told me that cravings were the body's manifestation of  needing a certain ingredient or thing that is in the item that one craves. Its so fascinating that the body knows what it needs and can tell its person like that... it just amazes me how well God has put us together, how complex we are.
Mom is putting the water on for some tea at Daddy's request. We have an amazing array of teas in our home, and I like to mix and make my own as well using a small metal ball my mother has that I put various herbs inside and let steep. I keep seeing this very interesting metal stick that would be able to do the same thing, just you put the herbs down the center of the stick and swirl it around that way. I havent decided if I like the ball or stick theory yet better, but I think you get more herbs in with the stick, so you could potentially get a more varied blend of different herbs.
I'm going to go... My Saturday night Boston Legal is on. Take care loves, hope you find the right brew for you.
@>--->------ Jenny

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